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New and Improved Interactive Method Cards

Our clients look to us for guidance on becoming experience-driven, human-centered organizations. For Cantina, this means translating user research and business strategy into a long-term vision for our clients and their users. It’s also about creating touchpoints with uniquely desirable and superior outcomes in a way that’s difficult to replicate.

Through our practice, we’ve uncovered a customizable playbook to kickstart that transformation. That’s why we created Experience Strategy method cards to help teams of any size. The method cards can be used in a number of ways. Individual cards can be used for a specific outcome, such as getting a complete picture of a user’s actions and influences. However, the true power of these methods comes when they’re used together. You’ll find on each card a list of suggested pairings for improved performance.

We knew this was an opportunity to share our principles, reflect our core values, and develop a repeatable framework to share our expertise with the world.

Pictures of the method cardds

Now, we’re delighted to share an interactive way to engage with our method cards online. The cards remain the same as the physical set, with added recipes. Recipes are a grouping of cards to achieve a specific outcome. If you are looking to bring a team together to kick off a project, you should consider conducting secondary research along with an assumptions mapping exercise. Recipe can help you gain new inspiration for tackling your toughest challenges. We believe it’s our responsibility to advocate for sustainable, intelligent, evidence-driven design. We’re excited to help others in their journey towards a better understanding of their customers and deeper alignment in their organizations.

The future of experience is strategic. And it’s human-centered. Let’s get there together.

Cantina's Experience Strategy Method Cards

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