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Vote for Cantina's SXSW Panel Ideas August 8, 2018

Vote for Cantina's SXSW Panel Ideas

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Clark Van Der Beken

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Last March we set out to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2018 to teach people how to prototype a connected driving experience. Workshop attendees had a blast experimenting with low-fidelity materials like cardboard, play-doh, and duct tape while working in teams to deliver a concept at scale in under 2 hours.

Now we’re gearing up for 2019 - but we need your help (again) to get there. Cantina is organizing three panels for SXSW 2019, and public voting is open. Check out the videos below and vote for your favorite one or all three!

Don’t want to read any further? Vote for them here (search “Cantina” to view them all) between August 6 and 30th to send our team to SXSW in March.

Here’s what’s in the running:

Brainstorm Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Ideas

Organizer: Krista Siniscarco

Vote here

Do you ever feel stuck when trying to solve a problem? Have you ever been in a brainstorming session that felt uninspired? Are you looking for a team-building activity or professional development that is actually fun? Bad-idea brainstorming may be just what you are looking for. During this workshop we will introduce a concept that flips traditional ideation session on their head. Participants will work individually, and in small teams, to prototype the worst ideas they can think of. Once they complete and share their terrible, awful, no good, very bad ideas, we will learn how to take those bad concepts and turn them into good ones. This workshop is the perfect session for anyone who wants to laugh, have fun, get their creative juices flowing, or unleash their inner evil genius.

Vote here

May I Introduce, Mindful Design

Organizer: Virginia Wood

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What is mindful design? How does it affect my users? All will be explained and engrained through an introduction and workshop. A few ways to approach designing mindfully include awareness of mindfulness practices and implementing them in their work ethic, or the creating products that help users utilize these mindful practices rather than stealing their time and attention. In my workshop I will be focusing on enhancing the user’s experience by designing products that let technology disappear and allow the user to become more self aware. Prior to my workshop we will have a short breathing exercise to prepare us and to relieve ourselves of preconceived notions. Together we’ll create deeper human interactions through mindfulness.

Vote here

Innovating as a Search Problem

Organizer: George White

Vote here

Innovating is a key concern in the modern world. We grapple with complex problems and a rush of new and exciting technologies are appearing every day. Having a model for thinking about why and how to approach innovating is key to overcoming the challenges we face. We will explore the Plane of Knowledge, a metaphorical model for thinking about innovating, and discuss the practical implications of thinking of innovating as search, including the need to create diverse teams to enhance creativity and increase the chance of discovering novel solutions.

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