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Photo of George White

George White

Innovation Consultant


Hi, I'm George. I have spent most of the last 25 years working to make technology and design that matters. To accomplish this, I wear many hats. As a developer and a designer, I lead teams through complex and sometimes challenging projects, and act as a resource for our clients. My primary role is to support the efforts of others, sharing my experience and knowledge in the hopes that we can all continue to do exciting and amazing work.

Though I’ve touched almost every Cantina project for the last several years, there are a couple that stick out. I worked on the Appy-winning Putnam Investments FundVisualizer from day one, and helped Link AKC launch its first consumer connected product. Before Cantina, I developed a strong understanding of publishing through the lens of technology during my time at McGraw-Hill and Thomson.

I’m actively involved in the maker movement through networking, peer-led workshops, community outreach, and shared learning to help others. Exploring the intersections of technology and human expression, I put my experience to work on projects that utilize 3D printing, CAD models, and microelectronics to execute on my ideas in customized connected things, electronic toys, home automation, and quantified self.

I’ve been asked to moderate panels on topics ranging from design to IoT for organizations like General Assembly, Forrester Research, and Brightcove. I’ve also mastered the art of leading design workshops for Boston and SXSW.

I recently co-hosted a Design Museum Everywhere> podcast, discussing the global design relief response to COVID-19.

Feel free to click here and connect with me directly via Calendly to schedule a 30-minute online meeting.

Favorite Quote

Wherever you go, there you are.

Other Fun Facts

I know more than one should about biology and, I was once mugged by an elephant. I also enjoy photography, bird watching, and attempting to keep up with with my daughter.


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