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A Conversation with Ben Little on the Future of Innovation December 15, 2022

A Conversation with Ben Little on the Future of Innovation

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The Future of Innovation

It seems to us that corporate America might be falling out of love with design thinking. Too many leaders saw it as a shortcut, a quick way to democratize and harness whatever it was that design had to offer. But, it’s proven a bit more complicated to get the full benefits of design-led innovation.

Where should organizational and design leaders go next? There’s no better place to look for answers than MassArt’s Graduate Program in Design Innovation (MDes). After all, to train the next generation of design leaders, you need a curriculum in place today that addresses the problems of tomorrow.

Join our hosts, Shaun Gummere, CXO at Cantina and Krista Siniscarco, VP at Cantina, for a conversation with Ben Little for a peek around the corner into the ideas and methods that may not yet be as well known as design thinking, but which corporate America will surely need next to succeed.

About Ben Little

During the day, Ben Little is a VP of Design Strategy at Fidelity, working to shape new products and businesses. In the evenings, Ben is a Director of Graduate Studies for the MDES Innovation at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, teaching master’s students about the intersection of business strategy and design. On the weekends, he has fun in Salem, MA with his family enjoying the ocean and nearly endless Halloween.

Before joining Fidelity, he led the strategy group for new healthcare ventures at Siemens, managing teams like experience strategy, user research, marketing, and intellectual property for their digital incubator in Silicon Valley. Ben’s career otherwise has spanned management consulting, creative agency, tech startup, and corporate innovation groups. He studied business at Oxford University and ethnomusicology at the College of William & Mary.


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