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Enhancing the OAG Analyser experience through the application of UX best practices, modern interactions, and visual design patterns.


If you've ever flown, it's likely OAG Analyser has impacted your air travel. OAG Analyser provides air traffic data and intelligence to the travel industry. Its mission is to help organizations — from airlines to government agencies — make better decisions using data for flight planning, analysis and performance.

Already a leader in the travel industry, OAG was at a pivotal moment of platform growth and feature diversification. But to expand into new markets, it needed a fresh user experience and improved design system to position the company towards a bigger future.

Cantina was tasked with redesigning the user interface based on hypothesis-informed assumptions mapped to measurable goals. A key challenge was how to balance the product's technical audience with a modern design that would appeal to new customers.


  1. New Design A bold strategy on an outdated experience
  2. User-Centered Approach Thinking like a UX designer
  3. Future Thinking Reusable pattern library and styleguide

New Landing Page Design

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wireframe of homepage
wireframe of homepage

A bold strategy on an outdated experience

We partnered with OAG to identify problems with design and opportunities for gains in performance and user efficiency, placing a greater emphasis on data presentation and simplification of key modules.

We broke down the project into four design sprints:
  1. Create a pattern library that gives OAG the ability to update current and future modules to suit user needs.
  2. Add front-end appeal to a tech-heavy interface using a simplified data presentation to create a strong, engaging UX.
  3. Support several types of users: those who just need a quick report, as well as power users who gather a multitude of intelligence for their businesses.
  4. Better onboarding for new users and the ability to preview reports to understand what details they would include.

UI Component Library

Airplane flying over ocean and islands

Thinking like a UX Designer

Cantina focused on partnering with the OAG Analyser team to share our wealth of knowledge in the user experience realm.

We kicked off the project by running a workshop centered around developing a set of research-driven hypotheses to guide all design decisions. We set to work helping OAG think like a UX designer by mapping the customer journey at mission-critical interactions. One issue we uncovered was how OAG handled feature requests from users. OAG would merely add them to an existing module without thinking about how this would affect the holistic experience. A new user wouldn't even realize something new was added, and current users would likely have to be briefed individually.

Available reports screen shot Power table screen shot

Reusable pattern library and styleguide

Our design process focused primarily on prototyping and delivering a pattern library that could accommodate a diverse set of needs across a spectrum of users and requests.

Prototyping is much easier when you form a great partnership, and we did just that with OAG. We worked side by side with the OAG team, which allowed us to prototype, sometimes creating multiple iterations in one day rapidly. We also re-interviewed some users to show them updates and additions we had developed based on their feedback to ensure the design direction was staying on track.

We allowed our core design principles to guide the process, formulating a reimagined module that brought relevant information together, presented users with more informed choices and allowed future users to jump into the Analyser without a steep learning curve.

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