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Epsilon is a global leader in helping companies build lasting relationships with their customers through data-­driven marketing. Epsilon chose Cantina to help imagine what a next-generation campaign management system could be.

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Over the years, Epsilon’s systems had become difficult to manage for their clients. These legacy products, which had a lot of duplicate functionality, were expensive, challenging to maintain, required customized installations, and were increasingly difficult for clients to use.

Based on extensive client feedback, Epsilon decided to develop a new web-based platform called Harmony, which would improve functionality and offer a dramatically better user experience.


Because of the better functionality and ease of use of Harmony, Epsilon moved to a leader position in the 2014 Forrester Wave for email providers.

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The Cantina team immediately met with internal stakeholders to define the project goals and requirements. The team then developed a series of rapid prototypes to come up with a new user experience design, while at the same time establishing a template-based development process to move Harmony toward release to the Epsilon clients quickly.


We were looking for a team that was highly collaborative, open-minded, and would challenge our thinking. We felt Cantina would be a great catalyst for helping with our first journey into building the user experience and creating a model for the new system.


Epsilon successfully released Harmony, and it has been well received by clients. The finished product brings together world-class technology and services, and industry-leading data solutions to create a genuinely next-generation digital messaging platform.

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