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Breakthrough eCommerce Results

We helped Avid to design, build, and validate an improved e-commerce experience that delivered a 40% increase in online revenue. on a iPad


There are numerous ways to run an effective e-commerce business, as long as the user experience is secure and user-friendly. We’ve found that a strong focus on UX can lead to efficiencies previously unforeseen in other aspects of our clients’ business.

Avid Technology is an industry leader in audio and video technology for media organizations and independent professionals. In our previous work with Avid, we redesigned its marketing website with the goal of increasing sales of their core products.

This time, the e-commerce aspects of were underperforming and required rethinking about how customers interact with product detail pages, purchase flow, and the checkout process.

Our research-informed insights into Avid’s unique business challenges, our deep understanding of their customer base, and the generative nature of the sprint framework got us to a viable prospective solution in just one week.

Design Strategy

Rethinking the Online Shopping Experience

The results of our marketing website redesign helped Avid to realize a critical next step: rethinking its online product, shopping and checkout experience.

Avid hoped to update and modernize some offerings to avoid common e-commerce issues such as cart abandonment, customer support requests, and outdated information requirements that might scare off casual users. The company also aimed to make the site more efficient, lowering page load times and reducing the number of product checkout steps.

70 %

Increase e-commerce revenue

100 %

Increase in customer satisfaction

12 %

Increase goal completion

Understand & Validate

A Design Sprint Story

We used a structured design sprint to solve issues with the purchase process on This collaborative approach allowed teams from both Avid and Cantina to identify each challenge and the required fix rapidly.

We put the mechanics of the entire e-commerce experience to the test: product pages, site navigation and search, and the checkout process... everything required to sell products quickly and efficiently. Cantina’s design process is rooted in defining and testing hypotheses based on research and discovery. Armed with in-depth knowledge and insight into the business processes that are core to Avid’s e-commerce shopping experience, we got to work, and mapped out a winning strategy in a five-day design sprint.


We first discussed Avid’s short-term and long-term goals for this project and discerned the scope of the issues in a day. We generated design hypotheses to map design ideas to quantifiable outcomes.


We searched for parallel solutions to the task at hand. Reviewing existing ideas, comparing them to best practices and inspirational work from other industries or markets. We began to sketch ideas and create Avid’s custom design solutions.


We critiqued and prioritized ideas to inform design flow and prototyping functionality.


Based on discoveries and findings during the sprint, Cantina’s team set to work crafting a working prototype using Sketch and InVision.


We put the prototype in front of Avid customers for testing. Based on feedback from those interviews, and the blessing of Avid’s team, we set to work on implementing the new design.


Great Teams Achieve Better & Faster Results

A design sprint is all about collaboration. We were able to establish clear goals up front and get instant feedback from Avid’s leadership. Our work with Avid highlights the power of design thinking to change the way a company conducts its business, and the benefits of a great partnership to deliver high-value results.


If you are interested in learning more about this engagement or how Cantina can help you with a project contact us today. We'd love to help.

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