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Sketching for UX Designers [Infographic] December 2, 2015

Sketching for UX Designers [Infographic]

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Jeff Muller

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When we are asked to solve problems, we turn to our brain for answers. But it’s hard to share those ideas with the group when they’re stuck in our head. Sketching solves this problem by letting others to see what we’re talking about rapidly and inexpensively. It’s much easier to collaborate and improve an idea when there’s a visual representation. Whether I’m showing functionality for a mobile app or interactions on a website, sketching has proven to be my most valuable tool to give form to my ideas.

Check out the infographic below to explore various sketching techniques and when to use them, learn valuable tips, and be inspired to use low-tech solutions to solving high-tech problems.

Infographic - Sketching for UX Designers

Download a copy of this infographic for offline reading here.


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