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EstateSpace Works with Cantina to Create Innovative FinTech App July 6, 2020

EstateSpace Works with Cantina to Create Innovative FinTech App

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EstateSpace, a financial technology company focused on physical asset management, debuted a new release of its mobile experience that adds inventory management, asset valuation, appraisal features and concierge services for its customers. To bring this new FinTech product experience to market, EstateSpace worked with Cantina, a Boston-based innovation agency.

For the project, Cantina leveraged its 12-year track record of designing and developing award-winning digital products to establish a highly collaborative partnership with EstateSpace, playing an important role in helping the company accelerate its product vision.

Cantina’s expertise in design and development, coupled with strong project management processes, enabled EstateSpace to accelerate the development of a scratch-built FinTech app focused on managing physical assets,” said Matt Chisholm, Co-Founder & CEO at Cantina. “We worked closely with EstateSpace to rapidly design the app, accentuating ease of use, and branding aligned with their target users. The Cantina and EstateSpace teams worked side-by-side, sharing sources and methods to ensure EstateSpace went to market with a top-notch app experience.

New customers who download the app and existing ones who update to version 2.0 are met with new features that include asset inventory management, asset valuations, and asset appraisals. For families looking for a white-glove experience, the app also includes concierge assessment services to help build, streamline, and manage private operations.

The world is constantly changing, forcing industries like financial services to rethink how things have been done and how they will be done in the future,” says Jonathan Fishbeck, CEO of EstateSpace. “EstateSpace is leading the charge! By working with Cantina, we delivered a market-leading experience for families, individuals, and their asset management teams to more efficiently understand, manage, and grow their portfolio of physical assets in the same way as they do their financial investments.

This product innovation demonstrates EstateSpace’s commitment to meeting the demands of 86 million families who fail to extend their wealth beyond the second generation and the 73 million Baby Boomers who are estimated to pass down over $68 trillion in physical assets over the next 25 years.

EstateSpace, Asset Management Made Simple™ is available to customers now. You can download the EstateSpace Mobile App from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

You can learn more by visiting EstateSpace today!


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