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Cantina Announces New Office Space in Downtown Boston to Support Growth February 17, 2019

Cantina Announces New Office Space in Downtown Boston to Support Growth

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Clark Van Der Beken

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Cantina Consulting, a strategic design and development agency that helps organizations harness the power of design and technology to deliver digital products and services, today announces a move to a new office at 100 Summer Street in Boston’s Downtown Crossing district.

Headquartered in Boston, Cantina first opened in 2007 with a small, but expert team working out of a modest office in Newton, MA. In 2012, the company moved to an office in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District, when the area was just beginning to emerge as a hub for startups and technology companies. Since its founding over a decade ago, Cantina has stayed at the forefront of rapidly evolving tech, innovation, and design sectors, continuing to expand its service offerings while tripling its staff in the last 18 months. Now, the company is moving to accommodate its growth, create collaborative new co-design and co-working spaces for its clients, and build out a Maker space and mixed reality lab to continue to innovate on its offerings for clients.

100 Summer Street office views
Great views from our new office!

“This is an exciting time for Cantina and it marks a huge milestone for the company, our employees, and our clients, who will all benefit from the opportunity that this new office presents,” said Matt Chisholm, Chief Executive Officer at Cantina. “The new office will be the first of many exciting milestones for the company in 2019.”

Indeed, Cantina’s headcount has grown exponentially since 2017, and it continues to develop new areas of expertise and service offerings for its clients; therefore, the need for a larger and state-of-the-art office space.

“The new space aligns with our ethos at Cantina: to co-create with our clients and offer them a friendly space to work side-by-side with us as we help them to transform their businesses,” said Chief Operating Officer Adam Stachelek. “As we continue to grow, this space will enable us to do so, and it will assure our team and clients that we are committed to providing the tools and technologies necessary to succeed.”

Part of Cantina’s rapid growth can be attributed to its commitment to providing an enjoyable and healthy work environment. By offering 100% employer-paid health insurance, generous vacation time and parental leave, and community outreach activities, Cantina has focused on the employee experience as a vital part of its culture since the beginning.

“When we started, part of my motivation was to create a work environment that I not only wanted to work in, but one that we could all be proud of,” Chisholm said. “I believe that commitment has allowed us to keep a highly motivated team intact and has put us in a great position to offer an experience that is first-class, and one that celebrates teamwork and the unique and valuable attributes that each member of our team brings to work each day.”

The new office will also allow Cantina to create an expanded studio space, offering clients the ability to incorporate video production and experiential storytelling into the design process. Using emerging technology like virtual and augmented reality, 3D fabrication, and physical prototyping, the Cantina Studio will capture and present the story of how our clients’ products or services improve the lives of the people they are envisioned for.

“We want our clients to get a strong return on their investment and partnership with us,” said George White, Chief Innovation Officer. “Cantina Studios will allow our clients to test assumptions, gain consensus, engage investors, and, if they wish, promote their new technology, product or service.”

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