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Money Experience

Innovating for Financial Literacy

Money Experience is an innovative start-up with a big idea: address the problem of poor financial literacy among high school students.

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Today, nearly 75% of all high school graduates are ill-equipped to make independent and well-informed financial decisions.

Money Experience's mission is to change this by creating an accessible, relatable, engaging, and interactive financial education tool that guides students through a variety of simulated financial journeys, and helps them along the way to become financially literate and independent. With an ambitious vision, Money Experience hired Cantina as its technical design and engineering partner to build and scale its suite of products and services into an integrated, production-ready web app.

Cantina rebuilt the front- and back-end of the app from the ground up, implemented accessibility features, and integrated G-Suite tools for simple and user-friendly content management. Further, Cantina ensured that the entire experience was Web Accessibility Initiative-compliant, and that any new features added later would also be compliant.

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Cantina worked closely with Money Experience to integrate flexibility into how student lessons are designed and built in the app, by providing easy-to-use templates that can be stitched together to create different education experiences.

Further, Cantina teamed up with Money Experience to develop dynamic and intelligent systems that enable student answers to be collected, codified, and carried real-time throughout the app experience to show students the impact of their financial decisions as they move through different financial scenarios and journeys. This a game-changing feature of the app because it brings students’ financial decisions to life, and helps them to understand how their decisions now can impact their financial future.

Money Experience and Cantina teamed up to successfully build a better experience together, and Money Experience greatly appreciated Cantina’s expertise in helping it to transform its vision into a functional product and educational experience for students. As a testament to the partnership, shortly after release the app gained traction and acquired 30+ clients.


If you are interested in learning more about this engagement or how Cantina can help you with a project contact us today. We'd love to help.

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