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Improving Cancer Treatment with Big Data

Cantina partnered with a pioneer in health analytics and precision medicine to improve quality of life and achieve better survival rates in cancer patients.

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Effective cancer treatment is largely about tailoring therapy to individual patients and their needs, and using the right therapy at the right time with the right treatment protocol. This requires data and insight.

Cantina was engaged by the CEO of an innovative health analytics company to help design and build a suite of big data analytics applications that aggregate cancer patient treatment data and visually compare individual treatment progress and outcomes with similar patient cohorts. The insights generated from these applications help oncologists and other health care professionals to monitor and fine-tune treatment for individual patients, leading to improved quality of life and better overall outcomes and survival rates.

Cantina is a trusted technical advisor and software engineering partner to this client, helping it to design and build a valuable product and service for its physician, hospital, and cancer treatment center customers. As a testament to this, the client’s applications are actively being used by leading hospitals and cancer treatment centers across the U.S.

Due to client confidentiality, the specific details of this project cannot be shared.

If you are interested in learning more about Cantina's Health Tech & Innovation Practice please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Other organizations involved with this project: IBM Watson, FDA.

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