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Women of Cantina Out of the Office Today March 8, 2017

Women of Cantina Out of the Office Today

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The women of Cantina are out of the office today in recognition of International Women’s Day. Women of Cantina will be working on women. While women are most often well-supported by our team at Cantina, we join a diverse and organized community of women to demonstrate the impact of a day without women in all facets of our working community.

‘A Day Without A Woman’ is a day to feel the value of women. Today is a moment to remember and understand that women of all backgrounds add value to our society, and reflect on the pervasive and systemic gender-based inequalities that still exist today from the wage gap, to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity. To commit and stand with women on this day, Cantina and women all over the world are asking employers (including ourselves) to perform an audit of their policies impacting women and families.

We hope you will support gender equality by listening and taking action. Take note of the things that are lacking in your office. Take time to research the long-term benefits that a commitment to equality can provide for your organization. Take any steps needed to ensure that women have equal opportunity for compensation, career advancement, and paid parental leave. If there are any other groups that can benefit from your organization’s commitment to equality, please seek action in those areas as well.


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