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Krista Siniscarco Reveals How Design Thinking Works on the Thinkfuture Podcast December 24, 2021

Krista Siniscarco Reveals How Design Thinking Works on the Thinkfuture Podcast

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Cantina’s Vice President of Experience Design & Strategy, Krista Siniscarco, was a recent guest on the podcast “Thinkfuture: Innovation, Startups and the Future” with host Kalaboukis. In the episode, “How Design Thinking Works,” Krista discusses Service Design, challenges & opportunities during COVID, and future trends. Below are three takeaways from her interview:

·       Properly employed, Design Thinking is an innovation process that begins by defining the problem to be solved and who are you solving it for. This tool helps clients build the right thing in the right way, bringing efficiencies of time and money.

·       Design Thinking clarifies that sometimes the problem you think you have is not actually the problem—and makes room to pivot to find the path to optimized solutions and satisfied customers.

·       Successful Design Thinking is not limited to designers or those who design. Anyone can (and should) participate: customers, employees, and technologists across verticals and services.

We hope you’ll take a listen.

At Cantina, we regularly help business leaders with critical innovation and design initiatives. If you’d like to learn more, talk with Krista directly about her interview, or hear about Cantina’s innovation and design expertise reach out at We would love to hear from you!


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