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Inspire Arts & Music and Cantina Team Up to Support Local Youth Access to Fine Art Programming

Cantina is excited to announce our new sponsorship of Inspire Arts & Music, Inc. (IAM). IAM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to programs that develop and inspire youth via both scholastic and non-scholastic activities built on an Arts and Music platform. IAM offers an array of performing arts programs in support of their mission to help young adults from all backgrounds develop and demonstrate the qualities needed to achieve excellence in both their program and their personal lives.

Christopher P. Holland, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Inspire Arts & Music/Boston Crusaders stopped by Cantina at the end of May and met with Cantina CEO Matt Chisholm, CIO George White, COO Adam Stachelek, Principal Project Manager Erin Jackson, and Sam Margolis, Vice President & Head of Client Strategy and Growth. There was an instant connection as Cantina has a long history of supporting the arts, music, and youth enrichment via partnerships with Youth Enrichment Services (YES), ArtProf, the Newport Folk Festival, and Design Museum Foundation. Holland remarked, “We are thrilled to move forward and work with Cantina's team.”

“We heard about this organization through mutual connections,” said Chisholm. “We were immediately drawn to their core mission of helping bring change to local Boston communities through supporting children’s access to resources and musical instruments.” He continued, “Music is IAM’s way of giving back to the community, which we feel passionately about at Cantina as well. Music education is part of our commitment to STEAM education: elevating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math alongside the Arts, including Music, all of which help individuals grow and prosper.”

Adam Stachelek added, “At Cantina, we have a strong passion for music and the arts, with over fifty percent of the company either being a musician, singer, producer, or studio owner. As part of our company culture, we open our office to employees and friends for DJing, open mic, vinyl appreciation, and art & crafts themed evenings. IAM's mission struck us as being important in this day and age when music education in public schools is on the decline. We have long sought to support music and arts programs through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, supporting organizations such as the Newport Festivals Foundation, Art Prof, and others. Inspire Arts & Music is an exciting new relationship for us.”

Chisholm went on, “I'm glad Michael Woodall made the connection to Inspire Arts. The science informs us that children with music and arts education have better cognitive skills, social skills, grades, and are more conscientious. We believe strongly in STEAM education and IAM’s mission to provide these programs for the children of Boston.”

There are several ways to support Inspire Arts & Music, from volunteering, to monetary donations, to sponsoring. IAM is hosting their 6th Annual Celebration of Arts and Music Concert in the Park in Boston this coming Wednesday, June 12th. If you are interested in attending please register here. We hope that you are as excited about IAM’s mission as we are, and we hope to see you there!

If you’d like to learn more about Cantina’s sponsorship of Inspire Arts & Music and our work in the arts, music, and youth enrichment more broadly, we’d love to hear from you.

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