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LearnLaunch 2020

Attend a hands-on workshop facilitated by Cantina's Amy Baron (Director, Education & Education Technology), Alice Chiang (Lead Designer), and Randy Duke (Experience Strategist) entitled "Building products your learners will love!"

Building Products Your Learners Will Love! - LearnLaunch 2020

Participate in a hands-on workshop, “Building Products Your Learners Will Love!,” facilitated by Amy Baron – Director, Education & Education Technology, Cantina; Alice Chiang – Lead Designer, Cantina; Randy Duke – Experience Strategist, Cantina.

In the workshop, product designers from Cantina will walk you through the process of working through a problem in the educational space.


  • What you can do to improve your edtech product and maximize learner engagement
  • If you have the right tools and resources to respond quickly to feedback

Participants will:

  • Practice applying Design Thinking skills to address learner challenges
  • Explore key principles of learner-centered design
  • Learn about methods to help you identify your key target learner audience
  • Discuss the practicality of Design Thinking and your business goals
  • Learn how to apply industry best practices beyond the workshop

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