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Mapping the end-to-end medication management experience to build cross-product understanding

Please join athenahealth for their monthly meeting at Cantina with food sponsored by Onward Search.

In early 2019, two designers from different product groups within the same company embarked on a journey to understand the end-to-end journey of medications as they are ordered, administered and billed. The resulting research enabled designers and product managers across both products to better understand the dependencies in each others’ experiences, and helped to shift product priorities.

In this case study, we’ll talk about our efforts to observe and map the end-to-end clinical documentation and revenue cycle workflows in the complex world of hospital medication management. In addition to the research methods we employed, we’ll discuss the artifacts we created and how we socialized our findings to product leadership in order to influence the product roadmap. We’ll also shared some lessons learned for teams who are trying to create better end-to-end experiences within their organizations.

(Please bring a photo ID and sign in with Security when you arrive.)

About athenahealth

athenahealth partners with hospital and ambulatory customers to drive clinical and financial results. We offer medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services. We combine insights from our network of more than 120,000 providers and approximately 117 million patients with deep industry knowledge and perform administrative work at scale. For more information, please visit [our website](


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