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Cantina and Amy Baron Launch Upskilled: A Podcast about Innovation in Education August 7, 2020

Cantina and Amy Baron Launch Upskilled: A Podcast about Innovation in Education

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Cantina is excited to announce the launch of Upskilled: Solutions in the Learning Universe, a new podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts by Cantina’s Education Technology Director Amy Baron.

Together with leaders in education and workforce development, Amy explores questions such as:

  • How can emerging technologies be used to design more effective and engaging learning experiences?
  • How can we create learning that is easier to access and consume?
  • How can institutions of Higher Education play a greater role in talent and workforce development?

Upskilled features thought-provoking conversations between Amy and her guests about innovative ideas and solutions that catalyze positive change in education. Together, they explore best practices and applications for schools, businesses, and other organizations in the learning ecosystem, highlighting products and perspectives that have a meaningful impact on learning, workforce training, and the student experience.

If you are an innovator, business leader, teacher, professor, administrator, investor, or individual citizen interested in exploring the learning ecosystem, Upskilled is for you.

Upskilled Podcast logo image with Amy Baron headshot and icons for Google, Apple and Spotify podcasts over visual of sound recording in royal blue.

COVID19 and a Shift Toward Agile Talent Development

The Upskilled podcast series opens with a conversation between Amy and Jeanine Delay, Assistant Vice President of Global Talent at Sun Life, about COVID19 and a Shift Toward Agile Talent Development in the workplace. In this episode, Amy and Jeanine explore innovations in learning and workforce development that have helped Sun Life to effectively respond to the crisis. - LISTEN HERE: Google, Spotify or Apple

Other episodes include:

Creating a Culture of Learning

Dan Schwartz, Director of Educational Technology at Boston Children’s Hospital, a teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School, talks with Amy about the challenges of designing learning experiences that map to the diverse needs of medical professionals. - LISTEN HERE: Google, Spotify or Apple

Higher Education and the Public Good

Jim Woodell, Principal at Jim Woodell & Company, discusses the many points of intersection between institutions of Higher Education and society, especially the ways in which institutions contribute to community and economic development. - LISTEN HERE: Google, Spotify or Apple

Closing the Workforce Development Gap

Attorney Michelle Schlesinger Zaff, Associate Cooperative Education Faculty at Northeastern University, talks with Amy about career planning and skill development, and how the two are connected through the undergraduate experience. - LISTEN HERE: Google, Spotify or Apple

Subscribe to Upskilled via Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Learn more about Amy Baron and the Education & EdTech Practice at Cantina.


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