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The Great Cantina Bake Off 2022 December 21, 2022

The Great Cantina Bake Off 2022

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It’s become a holiday tradition at Cantina to end the year with a gingerbread bake-off. Check out the finalists below and then scroll down to see who won.

Truro Beach Cookie Cottages

Inspired by the quaint, oceanfront cottages along Cape Cod’s Truro Beach, these tasty and inviting Oreo Cookie and Sour Patch Kid Cookie houses are all decked out and ready to spread some holiday cheer. Now booking on Airbnb for Summer 2023 for your next relaxing beach vacation. By Linda, Kate, and Jordi

Gingerbread Zamboni

Inspired by my nephew’s love of hockey and obsession with Zamboni’s, I created a gingerbread ice ring. The Zamboni is a gingerbread cookie base with chocolate cookie wheels, decked out in frosting and holiday candy. A snowman hockey player and cracker nets complete the scene. (It is not a coincidence that the Zamboni colors match his hockey outfit :) By Krista

Gingerbread Treehouse

Nestled in the treetops of a New Hampshire pine forest lies this wintery Swiss Family Robinson-inspired treehouse perfect for sheltering from a December storm. Power lines are down? Never fear—the local ale river provides water and power to the house via a candy cane undershot water wheel. By Maddy

The Royal Hall of Gingerbot

I had a vision. A vision created with the help of my trusty AI GingerBot—to create the most exquisite royal hall of gingerbread ever known to humankind.As you can see our prototype was flawless….yet we encountered serious headwinds as we were attacked by the Dinosaur Spirit of Christmas Past and all production plans were thwarted…or were they? By Sam

Who Won?

After much deliberation, our guest judges, Randy and Alice, pronounced this year’s winner … Gingerbread Zamboni. Congratulations Krista!

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