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Photo of Scott Doxey

Scott Doxey

Lead Engineer


👋🏻 I'm Scott. I’m a Lead Engineer at Cantina. I’ve been a developer for most of my life. From a young age, I've found the concept of being able to build something from nothing in an environment where you could make mistakes and learn from them incredible. I’ve worked with all flavors of tech, starting with HTML and JavaScript, to Macromedia Flash, PHP, Node.js, and, most currently, Unity 3D. It’s been a wild ride.

I run a few meetups in the Boston area, the most notable being the Purple Monkey Game Jam, a two-day event where participants build a game from the ground up with friends or complete strangers. It’s a fantastic event that fosters learning and collaboration in a relaxed environment.

I spend most of my free time building and maintaining open-source projects, both for web technologies and for game development in Unity. Some of my most successful projects are doxdox, a documentation generator, and CandyCoded, a multi-purpose framework for Unity.

I’m also an award-winning VR developer. In early 2020, I attended the MIT Reality Hackathon and won both Best in Accessibility and Best in VR for an accessibility toolkit that makes it easy for developers to add subtitles to VR games and experiences. You can read more at

Favorite Quote

That’s the dream!

Other Fun Facts

I can’t taste or smell. 👃🏻

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