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Photo of Paul Demers

Paul Demers

Senior Designer


Hi, I'm Paul, a Senior Designer at Cantina. For more than a decade, I’ve partnered with product teams to help their organizations understand and learn from their customers. I’m most comfortable working at the intersection of user experience design and front-end development. It allows me to empower teams to create solutions at every level of the creation process, from sticky notes and whiteboard sketches to low-fidelity prototypes and production-ready design deliverables.

I'm extremely passionate about design systems and their ability to forge strong, collaborative relationships between designers, engineers and product owners. I've been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly talented teams at Zipcar, MIT, John Hancock, and many others.

Favorite Quote

Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.

Abraham Lincoln

Other Fun Facts

I'm a music junkie. I challenge anyone to find a person with more useless knowledge about bands of the ‘80s.

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