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Photo of Melissa Kagan

Melissa Kagan

Lead Project Manager


Hi, I am Melissa Kagan and I am a Lead Project Manager here at Cantina. I have been working in the digital space for over 15 years and have worn many different hats during this period. My focus has recently been on managing teams that deliver large-scale content management solutions and working with healthcare and financial clients to identify strategic opportunities for continued optimization and improvement. While my focus is on delivering top-notch solutions, I also enjoy the "people" part of my job. No two teams are the same and I love collaborating with co-workers and clients to create high-performing and successful teams. I’ve been fortunate to work with the following clients: Everence Financial, DentaQuest, Geisinger Health Systems, Cancer Treatment Center of America, and Massachusetts Teachers Association.

When I’m not working, I like to cook, bake, work on jigsaw puzzles, listen to music and spend time in the outdoors with my family and our sweet dog, River. I also occasionally write about music in my blog called MyMusicalMuses, where I had plans to chronologize attending 50 concerts throughout 2020. I only got to see five shows before the COVID pandemic halted my plans. You can read about those concerts here.

Favorite Quote

You can always, always give something, even if it is just kindness

Anne Frank

Other Fun Facts

I visited the former USSR in 1987 on a school trip and we had the opportunity to travel to Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian Railway. I've received a few blue ribbons at the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair for my handmade quilts.

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