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Photo of Marcela Rodriguez

Marcela Rodriguez

Principal Engineer


Hi, I'm Marcela. I received my Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering from MIT. As a Principal Engineer at Cantina, I work on front-end, back-end and mobile development for clients. I have a passion for creating accessible products that facilitate meaningful insights and interactions for users.

At Cantina, I created a voice application that explore funds available in Putnam Investment's Fund Visualizer tool. I also worked with a healthcare startup to develop services and data pipelines that allow cancer patients to find the best personalized treatments based on historical data. Other clients I've worked with at Cantina include Empower Retirement, Your Call Football, and Toast, Inc.

As chair of Cantina's Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Products working group, I led the development of a workshop for employees and wrote a blog post based on our research. We are currently developing tools to increase our technical proficiency in concepts including hardware prototyping, edge computing, and Bluetooth networking.

I have taught classes on front-end frameworks for Inclusive Tech Lab Boston (previously Girl Develop It Boston). This group provides affordable and judgment-free opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech to learn web and software development.

Favorite Quote

You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.

Hunter X Hunter

Other Fun Facts

In high school, I took a Japanese language class to thank Hayao Miyazaki for writing and directing some of my favorite stories, from Spirited Away to Princess Mononoke, with prominent environmental themes and strong female protagonists. I have an intense interest in machine learning and deep learning as well as augmented reality. I also enjoy creating educational games that are actually fun!

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