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Jonathan Lonian

If there were a Justice League for HR professionals, Jonathan would want to be a founding member. He is engaged in a never-ending battle for truth, justice and an outstanding employee experience.

Jonathan brings more than 13 years of HR partnership generalist knowledge from three different industries to Cantina. His previous corporate HR roles at BMC HealthNet Plan (healthcare), WGBH (media), TransUnion and Putnam Investments (financial services) have taught him the value of structure; Cantina is teaching him the value of being brave and willing to break the mold. Jonathan’s experience in the areas of talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management inform his mission to make Cantina an even better place to work (Real talk: it’s already pretty dope here).

Before Jonathan got into HR, he found deep spiritual fulfillment as an Associate Producer for MTV on such television masterworks as the Diary of Jennifer Lopez and the Diary of the Backstreet Boys.

When Jonathan isn’t trying to leap tall buildings and save the world one employee at a time, he enjoys reading comic books, obsessing over Game of Thrones and thinking about going to a Pilates class at the gym…maybe tomorrow.