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Photo of Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson

Erin is an energetic, savvy Senior Project Manager at Cantina. Prior to joining Cantina, Erin worked with Adidas, Mass Save and Understood.org, with goals ranging from wearable training results to credibility, social change and awareness. Recently, she has lead a web project from concept to release. This project encompassed content and community development as well as a donations program which required integrating a number of forum, email management and ecommerce tools with an enterprise CMS. While the majority of her recent work has focused on managing technology projects, Erin has also worked in a marketing capacity to develop brand strategy and plan media buys for companies like Marc Jacobs Fragrances and Olympus.

Passionate about exploring new ways to analyze user emotions and apply empathy to actionable and measurable business goals, Erin is fearless when it comes to employing new methodologies and working with what has not been done before. Outside of the office, Erin loves planning her next travel adventure, building things in her backyard and creating memories with the people in her family, her friends and community.

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