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Clark Van Der Beken

Born sleeping, Clark knew he was destined for great things.

After years of trying out different roles in marketing and watching more TED Talks then he’d like to admit, Clark has come to terms with the fact that he is really good at two things: talking to people and telling really good stories. Lucky for him, both were enough to land him a job at Cantina to lead marketing for the organization.

Clark comes to Cantina with over 6 years of marketing experience with deep expertise in digital products, SaaS software, and experimental design. He has developed marketing and event strategies for brands like Facebook, Chipotle, News Corp, Pfizer, and a number of hospitals in New England. He is a big fan of analyzing data and building customer personas to increase engagement and evolving programs overtime for better results.

When Clark isn’t obsessing over marketing, his second love is museums; having been to over 70. When stepping into one, curiosity takes over and he spends a foolish amount of time looking at artwork and thinking about what inspired the artist and what they had for breakfast.