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Photo of Brian Wilkinson

Brian Wilkinson

Principal Creative Technologist


As a Principal Creative Technologist at Cantina, I fill a spectrum from creative lead to software engineer, all encompassed by a focus on concept marketing and innovation. As a digital creative, I am tasked to communicate highly complex technical products in simple and effective ways. On the engineering side, my focus is on rapid prototyping, design, and fabrication of experiences that depend on bleeding edge technologies.

With more than two decades of experience in content creation, I have produced a number of compelling visual prototypes, campaigns and other sales tools for different Fortune 500 brands. While at Cantina my work has included the creation of case studies, product fictions, user research, press releases and sizzle reels for investors. I have lent efforts to work for area nonprofits, including Youth Enrichment Services (YES); put together Cantina’s Innovation Lab pitch, company intro, and SXSW Workshop pitch videos; worked extensively on Your Call Football’s app campaign promotions, testimonial video segments, among many others.

Favorite Quote

Failure is success in progress.


Other Fun Facts

I am active in local VR, social justice and indie filmmaking communities and share these interests with my two daughters, Leia and Cora. Check out my 2017 motion reel here!

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