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Photo of Alex Ball

Alex Ball

Senior Engineer


Hi, I’m Alex. As a Senior Engineer, I focus on frontend development for web and mobile. I studied Physics in college but soon gravitated toward software products as a flexible tool to help people and solve human problems.

Before joining Cantina, I worked at Verily Life Sciences as a Software Engineer focused on feature development for Onduo, a Type-II diabetes management app. My past experience also includes engineering voice and Google Assistant features into Wear OS smartwatches for Google; it remains one of the biggest accomplishments of my career. Outside of work, I volunteer with Code for Boston, where I have the chance to mentor budding engineers and help lead projects related to both immigration and the opioid crisis in Massachusetts.

Favorite Quote

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking

George S. Patton

Other Fun Facts

I had the fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) luck of being made fun of during a taping of the Conan O’Brien Show. To be fair, it was hard not to stick out since I wore a bright pink shirt.

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