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Bluefin Technology Partners and Cantina Join Forces to Create Uplift Cooperative

Worcester-based software development and IoT consulting firm Bluefin Technology Partners and Boston-based digital design and development agency Cantina announce the formation of a strategic partnership aimed at helping companies embrace emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve people’s health and wellness. The move marks the first step in a broad strategic collaboration between the two companies that is focused on the positive impact that IoT will have on people’s lives.

Named for the feeling you get after increasing your happiness or health, Uplift Cooperative works exclusively with health and wellness organizations that are at the beginning of a connected product concept or are ready to go to market but are looking for a partner to help them execute. The partnership leverages each company's deep expertise in designing and building connected products and their understanding of the complexities of successfully launching them in today’s market.

“Uplift was created to deliver on our vision of helping companies develop a whole new class of connected devices that improves the health and wellness of the general public. In doing so, we envision multiple devices working together in the context of connected health programs to keep individuals healthier and happier for life”, said Michael Po, Co-founder and general partner of Bluefin Technology Partners.

Uplift’s decision to deliver connected products for health and wellness is driven by the high market demand and industry trends that predict the significant impact that the Internet of Things will have in improving quality of life and making health data easier to manage and understand. Furthermore, Harel Kodesh, Vice President, Predix and CTO, GE Digital, at this year’s MIT Enterprise Forum’s ConnectedThings Conference, set the record straight on IoT-related health products by saying “after smart connected industrial applications, the smart health and wellness space is set to explode due its extremely high-reward and low-risk profile".

“Bluefin Technology Partners and Cantina are award-winning companies with established histories of delivering high-quality and high-performing products. In combining our resources and expertise, Uplift is ideally positioned to help our customers deliver impactful connected products to market. As early leaders in IoT product development, we have already helped several companies deliver on their vision for innovative connected products and systems”, said Matthew Chisholm, Co-founder and CEO of Cantina.

As the shift toward a more connected and intelligent world continues, the opportunity to transform lives through technology and innovation requires organizations to select a partner that can navigate the complexities of creating connected products and systems. Uplift is already helping companies design, build, and launch connected products for the American Kennel Club, PerkinElmer, Blustream, Acuity Brands - Bytelight, and others.

Uplift will support the growth of the IoT health ecosystem by offering a joint lab that facilitates concept development, early prototypes, and product testing as well as providing a place for teams to beta test the latest IoT technology and platforms.

Organizations looking to learn more about Uplift Cooperative can visit or reach out to or call 1-978-397-3100.

About Bluefin Technology Partners

Bluefin Technology Partners is a leading software development and IoT consulting firm based in Worcester, MA. Since 2013, Bluefin has collaborated with companies like IBM, Xively, Dragon Innovation, ASTRO, Smithwise and Connected Development to deliver apps to over 10 million customers. Bluefin specializes in IoT product development, including Product/Vendor Management, Product Ideation, Design Services, and Enterprise-Grade Technical Design.

About Cantina

Cantina is a digital design & development agency that ignites your great ideas and transforms them into digital products. Companies like Avid Technologies, MIT, Empower Retirement, and Zipcar trust Cantina to help them accelerate the path to innovation. Cantina’s services include Service Design, IoT User Experience, Mobile Product Development, Responsive Design and Development, and Enterprise-Grade Technical Design.

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