JewishBoston.com is a web-based open, sensitive and welcoming community where all who want to participate in Jewish life can easily find out about personally relevant organizations, events, resources and communities. The JewishBoston.com experience is optimized both for Jewish individuals, as well as institutions and businesses who serve the community. Organizations such as synagogues and business use the site to post events, invitations and other relevant content, as well as promoting and monetizing their own paid events. The individual’s experience is personalized by their profile, and by their interactions with other community members.

A first visitor to JewishBoston.com might browse the many resources the site offers including events, blog posts, recipes, and Jewish information. This frequently-updated content is posted by nearly 500 participating Jewish organizations.

Once a visitor discovers the wealth of resources the site offers they can go to the prominently featured “MyJewishBoston” section where they can join the community, using their Facebook identity if they prefer. During the sign-up process they are presented with a detailed survey about their likes, affiliations and location. These are saved as preferences which are used to personalize the JewishBoston.com experience by highlighting content relevant to that particular community member.

When an individual becomes a member they can choose to receive a personalized newsletter. They can also post to their own personal JewishBoston.com blog, contributing to the conversation and content of the site. Social media integration spreads content beyond the site.

Organizations also have an interface to post their content tagged for interests and location. They can even set up paid events with built-in ecommerce to generate needed funds.