Transforming raw technology and prototype software into a deployable product

ByteLight’s founders created and patented software that transforms LED light sources into indoor positioning systems. “ByteLight-enabled” lights transmit proprietary signals that can be picked up by camera equipped mobile devices. Once signals are detected, the device then calculates its precise position.

The company was focused on deploying these indoor positioning systems for commercial and enterprise building owners, public safety officials, retail outlets and public spaces such as airports, museums and convention centers.

ByteLight came to Cantina with raw technology and prototype software, and needed to ramp up development to secure and install a pilot trial. Without a development team in place the company chose Cantina to be their development partner based on their strategic insights, technical expertise and agile development methodology.

Step-by-step agile
consulting and development

Cantina kicked-off its engagement with ByteLight by conducting risk assessments and planning sessions to define success scenarios, select technologies, set timelines and identify risks. After committing to a fully agile development process, final goals were identified, and monthly and weekly plans were created.

Cantina assisted ByteLight with developing a forward thinking framework, including APIs, web services and a development environment. Room setups and a management tablet application were built to facilitate room mapping, bulb placement, management and geo-fencing.

The ByteLight team was faced with many potential usages for its fledgling technology, so Cantina placed an emphasis on flexible design and scalable software that could meet the needs of a variety of customers without limiting opportunity.

In an extremely short time Cantina delivered a solution to meet these needs and was not satisfied with only the technology development. Cantina went above and beyond to advise ByteLight on testing, validation and hiring to support the solution. In fact, it even teamed with ByteLight’s founders in pitching public demonstrations and pilots with potential customers, partners and investors to ensure it delivered on the project’s final goals.

Technologies used included:

  • iOS, Objective-C
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Heroku
  • MongoDB
  • OpenLayers, Zepto

From the lab bench to its inaugural pilot test
in less than 3 months

Cantina worked closely with the ByteLight team to take a prototype from the lab bench and turn it into a deployable product with hardware, APIs, database, development environment, management application, and data analytics, in less than three months.

The inaugural ByteLight pilot was installed at the Boston Museum of Science, where ByteLight-enabled LED lights are empowering real-time indoor navigation and the delivery of indoor location-based content to visitors using iPads within Cahners ComputerPlace, a 2,000 square foot exhibit.

What ByteLight lacked, as all startups do, was time. Cantina took on the time shortage head-on, accelerating progress and development exponentially. In doing so, ByteLight and Cantina transformed an immature software prototype and fledgling technology into a deployable product with the potential to take location-based services from the doors to the floors of retail outlets and public spaces – creating an entirely new ecosystem for businesses.

Deliverables included:

  • Ruby on Rails-based admin application design for iPad use and integrated with the ByteLight mobile APIs
  • Real-time location-based analytics platform
  • iOS mobile API
  • Native and HTML5 mobile applications for iPhone and iPad
  • HTML5 real-time dashboard
  • A responsively designed .com site
  • Designing a hiring process including code tests, outlining the required skill sets, writing position descriptions, and hiring a Director of Engineering.