Monthly Archives: February 2008


There’s been a bit of radio silence on our blog lately, and it’s for good reason!  We’ve been busy on several Rails and Grails-based projects lately which is why we’re very excited about the releases of both Rails 2.0.x and the first full 1.0 release of the Grails framework.

The Grails release in particular is significant as the framework has finally emerged from “in development” status which removes one more barrier for web project teams and IT departments to using the framework.  We’ve had success with the Grails framework particularly due to the fact that it sits very well in the Java enterprise ecosystem, including the relatively straightforward integration of existing Java-based Hibernate models.  This integration with Hibernate, which is a key factor in Grails’ ability to be a contender for new IT projects with teams that are Java EE and Spring/Hibernate-oriented, is a fairly straightorward process that involves dropping in your existing mapping XML and Java POJOs.  As if by some magic, you get all the benefits of GORM on your existing Java POJO data model, including dynamic search methods and the criteria builder DSL.


We've been busy on several Rails and Grails-based projects lately.